Our mission at Teatro Grattacielo is to promote the rich tradition of Italian style opera, revitalizing lesser-known works, supporting emerging singers and creating all-inclusive community programming. We strive to address the lack of exposure for hidden gems, introducing them to new audiences. Through artist advocacy programs and partnerships with established professionals and organizations, we provide invaluable opportunities for young artists to develop their craft. By fostering diversity, inclusivity and belonging we stride to cultivate new opera enthusiasts and to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the art form, aligning with the broader goals of our arts community.


TG Vivo - Teatro Grattacielo:

Our Mission

Teatro Grattacielo was founded in 1994 in New York City with a mission to preserve and perform lesser-known Italian operas. Over the years, the organization has achieved numerous milestones that demonstrate its commitment to excellence in the arts.

TG Vivo - Teatro Grattacielo:


Teatro Grattacielo presents Umberto Giordano's FEDORA | an Opera in three acts to an Italian libretto by Arturo Colautti, based on the 1882 play Fedora. The opera is a story of jealousy, murder, intrigue, and love.

CONDUCTOR: Israel Gursky
FILMED ON LOCATION: Tagret Margin Theater, Brooklyn NY

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